Past Life Regression

Let take a journey along your time line and go back in your mind as far as you can reach

It could be your first day at school or your earliest memory of Childhood holidays. If like myself, you may have a hard time remembering that far back. Past Life Regression is similar to trying to remember events that took place during your early childhood. At first the memories may be few and feel out of reach, but each event remembered sparks another memory and another until they become clearer in your mind. Like dusting off an old treasure box to see what awaits you inside.

Through regression hypnosis, it is thought that a window is opened into the subconscious mind where memories of past lives are stored – and that it is possible to go back through years and years of history, retrieving memories from experiences in these past lives.

How it works

Past life regression requires a very deep level of hypnosis and, therefore, I recommend booking 1 or 2 sessions. Many people need to be taught, while in hypnosis, how to recover memories. You will be coached by me to trust the images that come to you – and not to judge or edit them. Some people see their past as an outer body experience, and some see it as if they were in their old bodies. Just as in life, everyone’s experience is different.

Past Life / Regression: £55 per session or 2 sessions for £100


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